Friday, October 24, 2014

About Us

Water Right Technologies is committed to restoring life to the soil and nutrition to our foods by providing growers with sound, sustainable solutions using quality products that improve plant and human health and foster true environmental stewardship.


Baicor® pledges to provide products that excel in effectiveness and quality. We are continuously improving products and developing new ones that incorporate natural components for increased uptake, chelation, and utilization. Continuous research incorporates the use of new proprietary agents that have shown to be scientific breakthroughs in enhancing plant nutrition. Proprietary agents may include natural growth promoting components, mixtures of organic acids, amino acids, carbohydrates, extracts from plants and micro-organisms, proponents of humic acid and folic acid, agents to alleviate crop stress (chemical damage, frost, heat drought).


Bio-S.I.™ Ag - "SELECT" can help your farm: We know the most important thing to you is crop production, grade and marketability of your crop at the highest possible price. When we see chemical cost going higher and higher we need to make whatever we use more efficient. Using Bio-S.I.™ Ag - "SELECT" improves the efficiency of your fertilizer program and reduces the environmental impact of chemical use.

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